Bit curious, bit inspiring, bit unusual and bit unexplored – that’s the thing about Exes, isn’t it ? That is exactly what inspires the new collection by Rag & Co....; inspired by iconic ladies who were foci of all happenings and today are independent of their past. Inspired by Exes of most influential Hollywood’s leading men – aura of novelty, grace, sophistication and bit of shrewdness that envelops their personality. The collection brings you closer to front runners of fashion and trend setters in designs that speak of ultimate luxury.

Design Story

Sharp manners, classic cuts; vibes that are contagious, inspirational and trend setting - the range of Winter 2021 speaks of formidable design basics ... and explorations which guide each dimension of shoe wardrobe. Its naivete speaks of comfort and hidden charm in exemplary craftsmanship, hand crafted details and aesthetics with bespoke ergonomic construction worked upon meticulously.


Ability to set the androgynous trend mainstream with Paltrow has shown the impeccable sense setting trends into rage and cult following. From business suits to seen through red carpet dress ups – there was quite that went into making a classic cult round toe shoe.

PALTROW Zip-up White Ankle Boot

Price- $230

PALTROW Zip-up Black Ankle Boot

Price- $230


The master of trends Theron has a terrific ability to ace all the major trends and style, this classic Chelsea Boot in Closed Square Toe is an inspiration.

THERON Chelsea Upfront Black Boot

Price- $230

THERON Chelsea Upfront White Boot

Price- $230


Weird, Upbeat and yet uncomplicated. Find your style with the range of Semi-formal boots inspired from Oxman and her research pursuits where she believes in products of the future. These designs have modern finishes in classic cuts and silhouettes.

OXMAN Classic White Ankle Boot

Price- $230

OXMAN Classic Black Ankle Boot

Price- $230


Unexpected and always making a statement! How to be bold even in the basic cardigan is something that Miller can teach everyone. Be comfortable and suave as you style basic denim, dress or an atelier leather trousers. Over the ankle Miller Boots from Rag & Co. X just that, extremely right.

MILLER Chelsea Classic White Boot

Price- $250

MILLER Chelsea Classic Black Boot

Price- $250