Handmade Art

Rag B Co. brings collection of handmade, sustainable carry bags which are made from natural paper straw, wool and cotton yarns. The introductory crochet bags have beautiful tassels, wood beads and handcrafted finesse

Knitted from wool, this knitted bag has enough room for your supplies as you stroll around. lt is available in three earthy colors to choose from


Lay bare in the warm sunshine, with daisies in your eyes and dandelions in your pocket. While you are drifting in the best of times and finding your companion in solace, we have something which only furthers that: Handmade crochet round bags with raw tassels and a crocheted strap You + essentials + solace ± SUMMER


The Boho-chic vibes which recurrently gets us abridged with extravagance and let's us walk towards serenity is soothing to eyes and to the heart. Let' appreciate each yarn intertWined beautifully, settling into fine patterns and it's the character of rawness