Convey Your Moods With Rag & Co

Convey Your Moods With Rag & Co

Let's get real here. Close your eyes, take deep breathe, unthink the things going on for few minutes and just make the mind, a blank canvas. The most beautiful, happy, and absolute part about life, is that it changes! The days change, the weather changes, the life around us changes, the pace of it changes and humanity struggles it’s way constantly with hope and optimism. The way we look around things change and the way we get inspired from things around us changes too. Fashion calls it Fad - referring to fashion aesthetics here which are purely about styling and physical personality. The term ‘aesthetically pleasing’ is almost poetic but references only a certain part of styles. Here, we take into account every aesthetic - and mind you there are many, we see each aesthetic for what it is and find beauty within it.

While many say that our personalities are constant, we disagree. And the way we showcase our changes is most of the time directly connected to our fashion choices. We see designers directly showcasing either general current issues or their personal journey through their fashion which makes it relatable. The season relates the clothes to the weather and how we feel during the weather and the clothes depict the aesthetic of these directly in their fashion.

We have also witnessed this in many films and through personal experiences about how we dress in a dull manner like gothic on the days we are sad we lean towards a more light academia vibes, and dress more brightly and heavily like the Y2K era when we are happy. And this is what makes our fashion aesthetic.

To make sure all your fashion aesthetics are catered to, we bring you different footwear for that cherry-on-top moment that every outfit needs! Read on for some fashion aesthetic inspo!

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