Style With Clogs From Rag & Co

Style With Clogs From Rag & Co

Clogs have always been looked down upon for their rugged and heavy aesthetic, but many don’t understand that we all have worn clogs at least once in our life! Confused? Traditionally, clogs have a wooden base and that’s the distinctive feature of it that sets them apart. But essentially the construction of clogs is very similar to that of crocs. Yes, the ugly crocs that had us all hooked a while ago. Most people believe that if a shoe has a wooden base, it automatically is referred to as clogs, but modern-day clogs are generally more focused on the shape and design of the footwear. So, yes, the well-known crocs are also clogs. And today we have an array of variations in footwear, there are platform clogs, heeled clogs, clog sandals, and many more.

Clogs have such a bad rep because most people are always confused about how to style them. But once you get the knack for them, it’s hard to go back. The clogs flooded the fashion fiesta in 2021, and are also still commonly seen on celebrities now and again. To elevate your wardrobe and help you style your clogs right, keep on reading!

A full denim look can never be out of style. A timeless, ever-iconic moment. This was proven by Kanye and Julia Fox, when they were seen at a fashion show together, rocking an entire denim ensemble. A beautiful puff-sleeved denim top and denim mom jeans, paired with these gorgeous pair of clogs, would make a head-turning outfit. The heeled clogs have denim patchwork in varied shades of blue and are handcrafted to perfection. The deep wooden sole gives it a rugged look, but the gold studs give it a classy, rich finish.

The clogs are perfect for warm weather with a small heel and a buckle detail on the leather vamp. The soft shade of the wood also gives them a light, warm vibe which is lively and fun. You can pair these heeled clogs with a coord set of linen shorts and a shirt. The wooden clogs would also pair well with some casual denim shorts and a t-shirt, if you’re feeling it, add a casual light blazer for fun.

The clog sandals are simple but quite impactful with their bright accentuating mustard suede exterior. The warm brown wood sole compliments well with the mustard. You can style these heeled clogs with a beautiful white summer dress and a hat. The sandals have an underlying elegance and are chic and stylish.

The wooden clogs sandals are chic and fun with the snakeskin strap that elevates the overall look of the heeled clogs. If you are one to be experimental, you can add contrasting beige or white socks, paired with a skirt and a tank top or blouse! The outfit would be trendy, a little on the maximalist side, and most importantly fun!

The tapestry detail wooden clogs exhibit a dark academia aesthetic, that’s vintage and fashionable. The heeled clogs showcase impeccable craftsmanship with care to detail and are comfortable to wear with a soft cushion insole. The clogs would pair beautifully with a mini dress or mini skirt as the print is bold and eye-catchy. You can also pair it with a fitted top and some trousers for a more polished and elite look.

These clogs are perfect for fall and winter and the black color would fit right in the cold seasons. You can pair it with some leather pants, a fitted sweater, and a long coat to keep you warm. You can also pair the heeled clogs with some thick leggings and a frilled dress with a jacket for more fun and dark academia aesthetic. The wooden clogs are a versatile piece and quite sustainable with premium quality leather.

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