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We all know women are obsessed with shoes. Aren’t you? This spring summer season, it’s time to upgrade your Shoedrobe! There are limitless types of shoes for women, which define the grandeur for them but some of them definitely need to exist in the wardrobe of every woman so that they never fail to sway the world with their prodigious style.

How to choose the right pair of shoes for you

Matches may be made in heaven, but your ‘sole mate’ is made here on earth. Allow us to aid you in finding the perfect match for your feet, because trust us, we all need tips & tricks when it comes to choosing ‘the one’, more among the trending shoes for women! At RagnCo we are suggesting some of our top handmade luxury picks. Treat them not as guidelines, but checklist items that need to be ticked off before you go ahead and make a purchase. Here’s ensuring that the ‘order placed’ notification turns out to be worth it!

ALWAYS refer to the size chart

A lot of ‘women online shopping websites’, will intimate you before you choose a size, telling you if you should go a size up or a size down. For better or for worse, size charts will prove to be your best friends. Don’t forget to look at them thoroughly before proceeding to the checkout button, as they will not lie to you. It’s also important to bear in mind that different types of shoes can have different ways of fitting you, so the numbers will only aid you further in making the correct choice.

Keep the occasion, venue and season in mind

Dress codes are often meant to be broken, but not in the footwear department. If a huge part of your job comprises a lot of heavy lifting responsibilities whether outdoors or indoors, we’re not saying that heels are a no go, but we’re just stating that, you’d be better off with blocks to add the extra length. Additionally, seasons are a deciding force too. What we should be doing is, making our footwear game strong and not just making the racks look fuller.

At RagnCo we've curated a limited edition list for women, to know which footwear suits them the best. It's high time you put away your everyday flip flops and raise your style quotient by adding these new fancy footwear to your Shoedrobe. No look is complete without a stunning pair of footwear. It's on you to slay that outfit with a perfect pair of heels or blocks or a pair of cool loafers.


Known to strike a pleasing balance between comfort and style, loafers are now a top pick when it comes to workwear. It’s a given that with years of flaunting heels, women would finally want something that keeps their feet happy and not just their feed. This is why loafers are a breakthrough for women’s’ fashion, they give off that ‘sleek’ appeal while not piercing into your heels every second. If you haven’t tried them out already, well, what are you waiting for?

Thong Sandals

The whole flip-flop game has started to become a little stale now, so this is your cue to ditch them for something better. We’re talking about those thong sandals that you keep hidden away in your Shoedrobe for weekend getaways or holidays spent by the beach. Take them out, because it’s time for them to see the light of day. They’re not just meant for the off days, but they very much fit into your on duty days too.


A staple in the ‘street’ scene and also a hit on the runways, sliders have not only placed themselves as the ‘it’ shoes in the market, but also made their way into every genre of fashion. While there is still some controversy surrounding them, we stand firmly by their side due to two reasons, they are extremely no-fuss and are one step above flip flops because here, the strap won’t randomly snap.

Lace Up Sandals

One of the most trending footwear no matter the time of the year, lace up sandals may seem fussy (and they can be) but they’ll never stop making a statement! They derive inspiration from the medieval ways of dressing, but their oh-so-modern makeover is what one should watch out for! You can tie them up in a simple style above your heels, or choose to get creative, there are absolutely no rules.

Flat Sandals

Sophisticated yet casual, these flat sandals are stealing the thunder this spring summer season. However, if you keep a few things in mind before pairing flat shoes with maxi dresses and skirts, it will enable you to make some awesome combinations. For instance, if the maxi skirt you are planning to wear is simple in shape and has solid color, then opt for these sandals. Style your feet with this comfortable season’s must have.


Add height to your look without compromising on comfort with these wedge sandals. Wearing summer wedges adds to your overall appearance. Wedge sandals makes an ideal combination with maxi skirts and dresses because in contrast to long and mid-length skirts, the additional length of the outfit, helps them to balance, extra heft of the heels. It is because of this very trait many female celebrities are often spotted wearing wedge sandals with maxi skirts and dresses. Wedge it up and steal the show!


Pearls are the favourite element of every accessory and wearable this season, making it to the women’s shoe trends of 2023. Be it pearl buttons sewed on shirts, double pearl rings and earrings, pearl bags and handles, and of course, our favourite, pearl shoes. The soft sheen of the gem, steals everyone’s hearts, and we followed this trend with our pearl stone Mules, which immediately made these slip-ons, the ace accessory to rock every look in the book, from traditional to party ready to lunch and shopping, or even a casual night in at a friend’s.

Stiletto Sandals

Textural interplay is the beat of 2023, and so, knit finishes are a thing. The slight hint of skin peeping through the knit captures the essence of the season. These woven fabrics came in an array of popping colours, and are paired with dresses and denims alike, but our favourite remains the combination of a dress with the stilettos. Walk a mile in these spring sandals, and you’ll have found yourself a new best friend.


If you are someone who regardless of the occasion would choose only to wear pumps then you prefer comfort over style. People who often like to only wear pumps are considered as modest and grounded. They like to mix a bit of fantasy while staying in the reality. They aren’t very fond of changes but once they find the thing they love, nothing can stop them. Their intellect and their productivity is always a benchmark for others as they do their work with utmost focus to ensure that the results are perfect.


The way we present ourselves tells a lot about our personalities and likings and our shoes play a major part in expressing it. The kind of comfort one can find in sneaker shoes is irreplaceable and cannot be argued, which is why many people opt for wearing sneakers for their work or while hanging out with friends and sometimes even on occasions. Sneakers reflect that the person is self-sufficient, purposeful and organised. Such people are open-minded, who like to hear and speak about their ideas. Those who love wearing sneakers are considered as spontaneous and outgoing people who like simpler things in life.

“One shoe can change your life”, the famous line said by Princess Cinderella seems to be true for all the generations regardless of men or women. It is indeed true that when one finds the shoe of their style and comfort, they tend to stick to those through the maximum course of their life, so much so that, those shoes or that particular style becomes part of their personality, just like those glass heels became part of Cinderella's life. We know finding the right fit for your foot can be difficult, that’s why our range encompasses footwear with various fitting. Here at RagnCo, we specialise in handmade luxury, comfort, wide to extra wide fittings and offer an extensive range of foot friendly styles. At RagnCo we are more than happy to help you find your next pair of shoes. No matter what the event or style, we can always find the perfect pair for you. Whether you want something with a wider fit, something that has a nice soft upper or just making a style statement, we’re positive you’ll find something here!


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