Bit curious, bit inspiring, bit unusual and bit unexplored – that’s the grace of classic designs and standard silhouettes - Exactly what builds the new collection by Rag & Co....; inspired by the sophistication simple design processes and solutions behold. Also, inspired by ladies who were foci of all happenings and today hold the mantle to disrupt fashion trends.

Design story

Design Story

Our shoe collection embodies a combination of refined style and opulent designs. With its sharp structure, classic cuts, and impeccable craftsmanship, our array exudes an alluring charm that is impressionable. The basic foundation of our footwear is based on striving to provide innovative explorations and influencing beauty and luxury in every aspect of your personal shoe collection.

Sharp manners, classic cuts; vibes that are contagious, inspirational and trend setting - the range of Summer 2022 speaks of formidable design basics ... and explorations which guide each dimension of shoe wardrobe. Its naivete speaks of comfort and hidden charm in exemplary craftsmanship, hand crafted details and aesthetics with bespoke ergonomic construction worked upon meticulously.

Luxury In Comfort

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