SHOE Trends to WATCH in 2020…

SHOE Trends to WATCH in 2020

As 2019 packs up, it leaves us with a hint of what to expect in the decade ending year – 2020. Designer runways, events, and trends hint what would score as “#FashionGoals” in the New Year. Let’s have a look at what we find interesting and moving – selling like hot cakes ahead.

After we have seen gladiators, sneakers, neon flats and ballerinas rule 2010’s – it seems they will have an impression over developing styles and overlap the returning fads! Fashion cycle repeats and the way it does is a thing of great curiosity! Talking of footwear, we shall see the basic flat white sneaker going maximalist with chunky soles and cut out panels, the flat mules going all block and the platforms might just transform to Raffia flatforms which they have been doing, only more promptly this time – denoting the edge of what we see coming as “Green fashion.”

Faux Suedes, Faux Leather – Croc effect prints (Crocodile leather effect like) bags and shoes will rule in animal texture inspired surfaces, for prints we bet on Leopard prints and Zebra stripes. Wooden heel platforms – the clogs are here to stay and speak for bio-friendly materials which leave a shade less carbon print.

Let’s take note of what our #TrendWatch picks up for year ahead:

  1. Chunky Boots:

    Colorful animal print inspired boots and loafers. Pair them with sleek minimalist cigarette pants or pair them with straight cut denims or leather jeggings.
  2. Loafers:

    With metal buckles, laces, chains, block heels or platforms, find them laden with textures, prints and wash effects.
  3. Slip-on Pool sliders:

    Humble slip-ons will find elegant minimalist color block straps, asymmetrical twists, frills, gathers, and pleats: Call it version
  4. Platforms:

    As high as Niagara Falls, the platforms are have raised their bars as none.
  5. Mary Jane pumps:

    The schoolgirl in us gets a reboot as the seasons may find the classic stilettos adorn pop colors with a strap and buckle ranging from pointed toes to asymmetrical.
  6. Hybrids:

    At times you might wonder if it is basic Roman Mule of a style of Loafer. Plain tip: Let’s not worry about that much and experiment! Loafer - Mules in kitten heels and flats will be for the fashion-forward.
  7. Suede platform sandals

    in “square” toe – yes, you read that right! The extra gap on the toe rest will trend along with other non-conventional styles with the square cut being most popular. Plus: Watch for the Raffia which is actually braided jute detail.
  8. Sock trainers:

    The activewear seems to go sleek with introduction of built-in socks for the gym trainers: this actually gets interesting between all the chunky soles we expect.
  9. Futuristic Sneakers:

    A play of lines and spaces, innovative and functional textiles with recycled materials will be further played with and things might go lighter and more durable – at once.
  10. Mismatched shoe:

    For the peeps who know how to avoid a Faux Pass and kick some avant-garde, this can stretch from mix-matching basic 6-inch stiletto pairs to almost anything Lady Gaga would approve! It will be fun to see how you manage the elastic buckles, string tie-ups and extra metal – chain details.
  11. Shimmer and Shine:

    Glitter, glass pieces – mosaic to anything which imparts texture to regular metallic might take center stage in parties and discotheques. To get a balanced look and keep the bling under control pair this with your LBD or with Vanilla Off-Whites, Green Olive and Navy Blue - the A/W basic palette which rules New York Fashion Week to this time.

What we can make sure of this is that shoes are anything but side plays. They have ability to change the whole fashion game and investing in quality shoes (and accessories) is very important. Make sure you do it by picking the ones which promise comfort along with style – there’s a lot to run and achieve this year and our feet need to be pampered. Hello, 2020 – we are prepped!

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