The 10 Best Loafers

The 10 Best Loafers

The truth is not always what it seems…

While it remains undisputed that loafers are normally associated with a school or corporate uniform, that is neither always nor solely the case. In fact, the best loafers have, over the last seasons, morphed into an edgy shoe option and Rag & Co has the pieces to prove it.

The classic ensemble is a pair of elegant socks with loafers for the conventional elementary school occasion, but the fashion world is mixing things up by venturing into new prints, chunks, and straps to make this once-preppy shoe go to being everyone’s everyday must-haves. So, without further ado, here’s presenting to you the ten best loafers to add to your styling staples: comfortable, adorable, and desirable – what more could you possibly ask for?

1. The Everyday-Wear Loafers.

We’re starting it off with the ultimate, the must-haves, the everyday wear. The only thing missing from your office look are these heeled loafers. Providing you with just the right elevation for you to climb up the ladder, these heeled loafers are waiting for a place in your wardrobe.

2. The Classic Loafers.

Still in the category of the essentials, Rag & Co is proud to present these classic loafers. Styled in your typical neutral colours, these babies are here to support you every step of the way, every day!

3. The Printed Loafers.

Now we can move on to the funky stuff. First up in this department are the printed loafers. Leopard, zebra, tiger, you name it. It’s no question that leopard prints never lose their spots in fashion. So, wear these shoes and you’re guaranteed to be taking a walk on the wild side (wink, wink).

4. The Snake-Textured Loafers.

Another notable groovy must-have are these snake-textured loafers. Yes, you read that correctly. These flats redefine what it means to be trendy in a subtle but surely noticeable way. What are you waiting for? Grab your pair of these slithering beauties now!

5. The Flat Ballerinas.

Dance the night away wearing your flat ballerinas. Perfect to do a passé, perfect for your night out and perfect to get the approval of all the fashionistas, these flats have never failed to take the spotlight.

6. The Suede Loafers.

We’ve heard your concerns loud and clear. You wanted shoes that provide the ultimate comfort, materially, and the ultimate look, aesthetically. Well do we have the shoes for you! Suede loafers are soft and stylish, making it the unquestionable favourite loafers.

7. The Nude Loafers.

Explore the shades of nudes in your footwear. Being a beautifully neutral, they can effortlessly be paired with any outfit, any design, any colour. Whether you’re heading to work or dressing for a date, these shoes will never fail you… just buy them and see!

8. The Studded Loafers.

Strut your stuff with the studded loafers. These shoes are gorgeously adorned with the sexiest of studs, making them the most alluring yet classy pairs of flats.

9. The Pointed Loafers.

Available in different colours and prints, the pointed loafers are iconic pieces that need to be featured. From their embroidered strap to their comfortable material, they are too irresistible for one to pass up!

10. The Zipped-Style Loafers.

Last but not least, we’ve got these loafers that are styled with zippers on the side in order to add the extra umph every shoe should have! So, if you are in search of a loafer that gives you a little edge without being exposed entirely, then this is the perfect pair for you.

From the best heeled shoes to the classic penny loafers to the funky flats, we’ve rounded up the ten best loafers that you can wear comfortably and desirably. So go ahead and shop them all at Rag & Co now!

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