Shoes for Summer

Shoes for Summer

‘What time is it? Summertime. It's our vacation.
What time is it? Party time. That's right, say it loud…’

Our favourite students from the one and only High School Musical said it correctly: summertime is the time for our vacation…! But being on vacation is not only about a mental state. While, surely, this is a period for you to emotionally and mentally relax, rejuvenate, and recharge, it’s also about being physically comfortable and at ease. With that in mind, Rag & Co is here to help you amplify your calmness, comfort, and contentment by providing you with the best summer shoes you need to truly kick it back this year.

1. Summer Sandals

First up on the docket are the summery sandals. These are the shoes to go for when you are trying to strike that balance between being a preppy chic and a casual cutie. Its openness calls for an elegant feel yet by being heel-less, one gets that informal vibe. This all culminates in saying that sandals are the perfect fit for basically any occasion. In the following collection of fabulous footwear, go ahead and pick out the brighter colours for when you’re going on a fun day out and opt for the basic tones when you’re attending a more professional event!

2. Holiday Heels

Literally moving higher up, here’s presenting to you the ultimate holiday heel shoes. These heels scream ‘summer’ given their brightness, elevation, and vibrancy. So splash into the world of colour and go luminous with these gorgeous babies. But if you still have got work to do, formal places to be at, and important events to attend, don’t fret because Rag & Co has the elite summer heels tailored for such occasions. The neutrality of the nude, brown, and black colours below make it acceptable for a serious affair, while the fabric and the stud detailing give the shoes that extra edge to comply with that fun summer feel.

3. Firey Flats

But let’s bring it down a notch (or a heel) and enter into the fashion realm of fantastic flats. Akin to those stylish summer sandals above, these pieces of footwear are the ideal solution for when you want to give your feet a rest but still encapsulate the best features of each and every shoe. The collection of this shoe is extremely vast, composed of closed shoes, opened shoes; half-covered, toe-covered; bright-coloured, dark-coloured. With that said, it’s quite established that you can never go wrong by selecting any of the following flats.

4. Melting Mules

Weew, it’s melting because these shoes are flaming hot! Welcome to the melting mules. If there ever existed a dictionary for footwear and one was to search up ‘comfortable’, these babies would be the first to pop up. The soft material, the half-closed, half-opened design, and the very minimal heel are only three of many reasons why these shoes are the ones we would recommend to maximize comfort. Again, if you want to emit your exuberance through colour, the first-row three shoes seen below are the ones to go for. But, if you need to keep it more prim and proper, then cop any of the shoes from the second row!

5. Luxuriating Loafers

Last but definitely not least, we arrive at the luxuriating loafers. While there is a common association between loafers and office-wear or uniform-look, that is not always the case. Given its extreme comfort, its classy look, and its versatile range of designs, who would not want to deem this shoe appropriate for every vibe? That’s why this summer, make loafers your go-to shoes by delving into the daring and dashing prints found below. Alternatively, you could select some of the classics that have a little twist: their stunning studs, their belt design, or their unique colour.

Once you purchase any of these fashion must-haves, you will assuredly be ready for your summer of fun, relaxation, and elegance. In other words, you’ll be ready to appropriately sing
‘What time is it? Summertime. It's our vacation. What time is it? Party time. That's right, say it loud…’!

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