Wear The Bow Trend Rag & Co Way

Wear The Bow Trend Rag & Co Way

Bows are a major trend right now not with just bow accessories like hairclips but everywhere from head to toe. The beauty of bows is their versatility. And that theory has been tested through and through this season. The bow fashion trend goes back in time. We’ve noticed that femininity as an aesthetic has been embraced by many in their ensembles of late. And we think that it began with the introduction of "Barbiecore" and the resurgence of the "coastal grandmother" aesthetic. The bows fashion trend perfectly embodies that charming, soft-girl feminine aura. Social media has also been buzzing with concepts like "girl power" and "girl boss," making the playful and cute vibe a distinctive statement.

We’ve also noticed many designers incorporating the bows trend in their ensembles at fashion week. Structured bow tops, embellished bow tops, pants, bags, and even bow detailing shoes were seen by Chanel, Jacquemus, Prada, and more prominent designers and brands! Exaggerated statement bows do add a dramatic and whimsy flair while still exuding a rather elegant persona with its delicacy and bow-tiful fashion(we couldn’t resist).

To make sure you’re on trend for the season, our chic bows footwear are a must-have in your shoe closet. They aren’t just trendy but versatile and high-quality styles that you can cherish for many years to come.

Comfort is key this season and our ballet flats with embellished bows are sure to fit right into your closet with their versatility and chic demeanor. The exaggerated bow gives a whimsy flair to the ballerinas while the metallic exterior is eye-catchy and whimsy. The ballet flats are perfect transition shoes that can be worn through the day all the way in the nigh where you can dance your heart out without being uncomfortable and looking chic as ever.

To whomsoever said that bows are just for the people who like cute and dainty aesthetics, this is to prove you wrong. Bows can be sensuous and bold with some help. The double bow elevates the regular bow into making a striking visual appearance while the embellishments add more of an oomph to the overall design. The pencil heel mules are perfect for a bow-tie party with their fancy and luxurious look while will definitely add more charisma to any outfit you choose. A must-have in our opinion, if you love all things extravagant and stylish!

Now now, we know this isn’t technically a bow, nevertheless, the rose bow is sure to make you stand out in this trend crowd. The sandals are elegant with the delicate satin rose bow that looks sophisticated and dainty with its impressionable craftsmanship. The design is comparatively minimalist which also gives it a versatile quality! Pair it with a gorgeous cocktail dress, or a skirt, or even some flared pants or denim jeans, the rose bow sandals are sure to look ravishing with whatever you pair it with! If you’re one to experiment with your style, these sandals are a must-have for you.

Pumps are a staple in every wardrobe with their versatility and chic silhouette. These bow pumps are an elegant beauty with their subtle addition of the bow embellishments on the back. A ‘party in the back’ moment with these heels, the shoes would also make intriguing work wear with their subtlety but still make a stylish impression with that extra elevation in their visual aesthetics and silhouette! This pair is perfect for literally anyone and every one with its understated beauty and versatility.

And there you have some of our favorites from the bow fashion trend that would be some beautiful additions to your shoedrobe. For more high-quality leather and satin shoes, visit our website ragnco.com.

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