Tricks revealed! Styling the OTT Footwears

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Footwears can be tricky to be styled, but don’t you worry, cuz we’ve got you covered. Giving you tips and tricks to look and feel your best from our Rag & Co. array of options.

Footwear has come a long way from being a necessity to now making a mark in a fashionable manner. The journey of footwear is evolved and how! Today we see innumerable varied versions that can be styled a million ways if not more. But as more options come out, it gets that much more difficult to choose the right pair.

Now, pairing the right outfit can be tough, but it’s quite a dilemma to make sure you find a shoe that fits right with the clothes and accessories. Hence, we’re here to help you out to make sure your outfit is on-point and fabulous. From high-heels to chunky boots, there's a large collection to get your picks from. Following are some varied styles of footwear for you, and a guide on how to style them.

Zebra boots: You can’t deny that zebra boots have been all over the internet, and are without a doubt trending. They're fun and subtle when it comes to prints, and the best part is that they’re versatile. You can pair these with an all-white outfit like trousers and a light sweater. To add a subtle pop of warmth or color you can add an oversized brown or black corduroy jacket for fun.

Beach and summer. These shoes are an ideal choice for a summer outing, especially to the beach. Paired with cute denim shorts or skirt, and a white blouse or crop top, and it’s a beautiful summer casual outfit that can be worn literally anywhere.

These summer flat sandals are for the days you want to effortlessly amp up your casual outfit. The stitch detail and toe-ring top sets it apart from the usual casual footwear. To make sure they balance well, wear a basic outfit, like blue denim jeans with a beige or black top. A one-shoulder top would also compliment it well.

Here’s a tip on how to style your Chelsea ankle boots in summer. These black Chelsea boots with chain detail and a double strap harness are simple but interesting. They’re meant to be a statement piece in an outfit. Therefore, pair it up with some black denim shorts and a graphic white tee. A bit of rock and chic is definitely trending, and you’ll fit right in. If you’re accessorizing with Chelsea boots in summer, always go for shorts or mini skirts. They balance out the whole outfit and don’t make you as hot in the weather.

These mules are semi-formal and a great way to elevate your workwear. These mules can literally complement any formal or semi-formal outfit. These would especially look good with beige trousers and a fancy white top.

Dress like you’re in Paris, this pair of shoes are chic and classy with their knot detail on top. The minimal flat heel offers comfort and the shoes are quite versatile. These would look stunning on a pair of jeans and a halter neck top of any color would be absolutely stunning.

All the summer vibes in this one. Colorful, bright, and fun, these flat mules are handcrafted and the prettiest shoes you could get yourself this summer. Paired with a maxi dress or a summer dress and you’re ready for that beach party.

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