The Platform Sandal: A Comeback in Trendy Footwear

The Platform Sandal: A Comeback in Trendy Footwear

It’s Barbie world all around, and we’re in love! With the return of Barbiecore and Y2K, heels have been the absolute rage, and the higher the heels, the better, is the memo. The runways showcased an array of varied versions of high heels from block, stilettos, to fantasy heels with eccentric designs. And they were all stunning, especially with the added platform detail which gave the heels just the elevation and made the footwear make an impressionable statement.

Now, it’s not just the high heels that are getting the platforms love, but also sliders, low block heels, especially in loafers, and chunky is a major “it” thing that people cannot get enough of. So much so that there are also flatforms so flats don’t feel left out on this platforms venture. Rag & Co has a surreal variety of trendy platforms that look sophisticated, elegant, and luxe. From boots to loafers to heels to low heels, there’s a platform piece for every preference and want. So, let’s take a look at some of our best platforms down below.

Let the sky be the limit when it comes to your having fun and looking your absolute best! The platform sandals fit right in when it comes to dressing up glamorous for a night out or a fancy occasion. The velvet high heel platform sandals are all about the grandeur and luxurious aura with the embellished rhinestones and beautiful velvet exterior. You just can’t not be obsessed with this pair! The lace up sandals are perfect for a night club outing, black tie event, bachelorette party, etc. They would look stunning paired with a gorgeous satin dress, or a mini lace dress for a sexy and bold look.

Office shoes can sometimes be tricky with most trendy features only in casual footwear. But the platform trend has definitely made office shoes more elegant and added a hint of fun which still looks sophisticated. The platform mules are comfortable and also easy to wear being slip ons. The high heels also give the mules an elevation and the platform game them a chunky look that looks edgy.

Our favorite and bestseller, the platform sandals are ravishing and look absolutely stunning paired with almost everything and amplify the visual aesthetic of an outfit with their elegant glamour! Now, many think that platforms may go out of trend and then what, but the construction of these sandals is such that they give a classic and ageless style vibe that is luxe. The decadent detachable ankle strap gives the whole shoe an elevation that is surreal. The sandals are a must-have, and definitely a pair that you’ll cherish for a long time.

Absolute stunner, the OTT platform wedge loafers are sure to turn some heads your way with their “extra” vibes. The ultra high platforms have been seen on the runways as well as on most celebrities’ and definitely have the influencers obsessed. The era is all about experimentation and accepting all the bizarre and exaggerated parts of yourself, and the loafers do exactly that. The best part though is that they’re still not too overwhelming which looks chic and sophisticated and makes them a versatile pair to have.

Ankle boots are all the rage this year and have officially been deemed to be the ‘all year round’ style that everyone just seems to be leaning towards. And for good reason, ankle boots are chic, bold yet elegant in many ways. Their variety is vast, and one for every personality and aesthetic, and these platform lace up boots are the prettiest! The velvet looks opulent while the construction has an underlying edge that is bold and looks stunning. The chunky boots are a must-have if you are one of those that like comfort but also want to look alluring and stylish.

Are you even living in this era if you don’t own a pair of chunky loafers? Versatile, edgy, stylish, and absolutely ravishing. The platform boots have lug soles which give them an intriguing bold character that is appealing. Since it’s all about chunky things, the loafers actually are quite versatile and seem like a trend that’s going to be around for quite a while considering the love they are getting from the masses. We think the best part is that they make excellent transition shoes which is why we just can’t get enough of them.

We all love a slip on moment, especially when spring and summer hit. But most often sliders lack a sophisticated aesthetic as most prefer them to be bright, fun, and casual, and while they’re all good during the holidays and vacation, we wanted to bring about a pair that can be ideal as daily wear and also look chic for a lunch or brunch outing. The minimalist style of the flatform sliders is alluring and versatile which makes them a rather go-to pair. And with the high quality leather, you’re sure to cherish them for a long time.

Now, if you aren’t into heels or chunky shoes, don’t worry, we have an array of the ones who want to be comfortable yet chic. Check out our blog Why Women Love Loafers And Ballerinas to have a peek at some of our best loafers and ballerinas for you to be in this spring and summer.

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