Step Into The Barbie Fashion Fantasy World With Rag & Co Footwear

Step Into The Barbie Fashion Fantasy World With Rag & Co Footwear

In the world of fashion, new trends continually emerge, captivating the hearts of many fashion-forward individuals. As we eagerly anticipate the Barbie movie release, the pink fashion frenzy is making a strong comeback, evoking nostalgic memories of Barbie's popularity in the 90s and early 2000s. This resurgence has given rise to the term "Barbiecore," which has taken the fashion world by storm. From iconic figures like Britney Spears to Paris Hilton, the Barbie pink outfits of that era were not just trendy but also highly influential and termed iconic.

Last year, in June 2022, the excitement for Barbiecore escalated with glimpses of Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie donning Barbie-inspired outfits for the movie. However, this comeback cannot be attributed solely to the film, as Valentino's pink PP collection also contributed to the pink fad with its eccentric and beautiful array of couture wear with the iconic bright pink hue last year.

The gradual growth of the Barbiecore aesthetic reached its peak of popularity with the release of the movie trailer this year, leaving everyone thrilled and buzzing with excitement. As the movie's premiere approaches, Barbiecore has become a prevailing trend, captivating fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

Barbiecore, however, is more than just a popping pink hue; it also encompasses a pastel color palette, featuring stunning blues, purples, and yellows, alongside charming prints that exude a playful and unapologetically feminine vibe. The current trend encourages embracing one's inner Barbiecore babe and embracing confidence to conquer the world.

To help you embrace this trendy style that matches your personality, here are some Barbie core footwear that will help you achieve the perfect Barbie fashionistas look.

The stiletto pumps are a classic style with the elevation of the bow embellishment at the back which gives the pump shoes a rather pretty and adorable vibe that would complement your iconic barbie outfits beautifully! The pumps would otherwise pair well with a color-blocking fit and also make great transition shoes for work and play. A must-have if you’re someone looking to elevate your classics collection.

It’s not a Barbiecore outfit without a fuchsia pink pop, and these stiletto ankle boots are the perfect Barbie element to add to your fit. The boots with the metallic exterior are trendy and chic, yet somehow versatile with their design and silhouette. They will pair well with slip dresses, jeans, and even short skirts. A must-have for not just your Barbiecore outfits but also your party footwear collection!

These are an ideal choice for when you want something to pair well with a Barbiecore outfit but also be a practical choice for your regular shoedrobe. Easy to wear and stylish, the platform block sandals are chunky and fir the Barbiecore aesthetic seamlessly but at the same time subtle and playful!

Barbie may not approve of the flats, but the new Barbie movie is all about exploring the unconventional, and these ballet flats are the most perfect way to amplify an outfit with a maximalist touch. The best part of the ballerinas is that they are not just stylish and chic but also incredibly comfortable!

Strappy sandals have been trending and these pink ones are perfect for the Barbie summer. The sandals are also a good investment being versatile and also can be dressed up and down as you please. Barbie has so many personas, but the most iconic is the beach Barbie, and these sandals would complement your summer chic fits perfectly! Their subtlety would also make them a great pair to complement a monochromatic look!

In our opinion the most perfect Barbie shoes, the chunky monochromatic loafers are all things yummy with the light pink hue and chunky feature which has been quite a rage lately. The loafers would also make great office wear for when you want a bit of fun but still want to keep things formal.

Our most favorite of the lot, the mules are easy to wear and an absolute stunner for a Barbie outfits idea with their shiny exterior that fits right into the Barbiecore aesthetic. The heeled mules may be minimal but would pair well with so many outfits and look stunning!

Barbie’s very much into partying, and these platform sandals are sure to put you right into a party mood with the rhinestones embellishment that gives that disco ball illusion right on your feet. Te dazzling pair is a must-have if you’re someone who loves to elevate their outfits with accessories!

For when you’re a party girl but still want a soft girl aesthetic, the embellished stiletto sandals are a more subtle take on party heels with a minimalist singular front strap adorned with gorgeous rhinestones embellishment. The heels are the perfect amalgamation of sophistication and allure in all their pink fashion glory!

The Barbiecore aesthetic is a captivating trend that blends beautifully with the enchanting femininity of Barbiecore aesthetics with the sophistication of luxury craftsmanship. For more color options and styles, head on to

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