Spring in Your Feet: The Right Footwear For The Season!

Spring in Your Feet: The Right Footwear For The Season!

This season is all about putting your best feet forward and with the new trends, it’s going to be a bright, fun, and experimental ride this spring! Spring season is all about joyous happy colors, and with Y2K reigning this year, it’s getting crazier, gaudier, and avant-garde. People are experimenting and exploring new and brighter things after the long lockdown and social distancing norms. It’s finally time that we’re free, and make the most of our time. And to make sure you’re on top of this year’s trends, we at Rag and Co, bring you the best this spring season with a variety of cute shoes you can’t resist!

Strappy sandals are all the rage right now, taking over every social media platform. They’re sexy, alluring, and come in ample variety to go with any outfit. The tie-up encases your calf beautifully and exhibits sensuality and boldness. They’re also super fun to wear, experiment with, and look stunning with mini skirts, mini dresses, and shorts!

Platform sandals are a must-have this season. Seen on the runways and among many celebrities, platform sandals are cool and give you that extra height without making it uncomfortable. They’re perfect for any outing as they come in different types be it pumps, sandals, clogs, etc. The main feature is that extra height which gives your outfit that extra oomph.

You’re probably putting your boots away, but they might just be able to get some hot fresh air. You can pair boots with shorts or spring dresses for your outfit. It looks effortlessly fashionable and chic, and the trend has been noticed this spring 2022 already. And it seems that the trend will be following well into summer as well.

Slip-on sandals are a go-to for any spring outfit. Casual, easy to wear, pretty, and versatile, you can literally pair them with any outfit and look elegant and charming. Spring is all about being easy-breezy and having fun, and slip-on sandals are the ideal way to go about doing just that. Check out the best spring shoes on Rag & Co!

Clogs are mainly known to be worn in the cold season but this year we’re going all experimental. Clogs are a great way to add some structure to your outfit while still keeping it casual and fun. The best part is even though they are bulky, they are very comfortable and easy to wear. A good choice for when you’re indecisive but want to look distinctive.

And those are some of the spring trends that are popular this year. More options and variety are available on Rag & Co which you just can’t miss out on!

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