Must-Have Travel Shoes!

Must-Have Travel Shoes!

Travel was a friend that we had lost connection with during the pandemic. And to many of us, it had been a painful experience. But now that we are slowly getting back to the old days, travel is back in our posse and we are beyond thrilled! We believe in the saying, ‘Happy feet make a happy traveler’ which is why we are here to help you pack for your next vacay and make sure you are looking your fashionable best for those cute Instagram posts!

Your travel shoes would, of course, depend on the type of vacation you are going for. The best shoes for travel to a beach location would be flats, summer sandals, thong sliders, espadrilles, and maybe a pair of glamour heels for that night out club outing. Mountains would call for sneakers, and shoes, comfortable footwear that lets you walk in peace and pleasure, while snow would be all about those Chelsea boots and high boots to keep you warm and cozy. It also depends on your vacation period and some backup choices in case something goes wrong with your meant-for footwear.

It is a fact that footwear can change the whole game of your outfit, but it is also vital to dress for the weather and keep in mind your whereabouts on the trip. When it comes to travel, comfort always takes priority. You do not want to be in pain every step of your trip. Rag & Co’s shoes have soft padded innersole, making them easy on the feet. Keep reading for more insights on which are the best travel shoes for your varied vacations.

Beach vacation: The sun and the sand are your best friends for those few days, and you want to make sure your footwear is romancing well with them. Your beach vacation may not always be restricted to the beach only. Sightseeing, hiking, partying, and shopping, are also must-do things on your list. To make sure you are prepared for it all, we give you a few options. Flat slip-on-like mules or any easy-to-wear footwear are a must-have. They are light on the feet and perfect for that sunny day lounging on the beach. A pair of medium heel sandals are also pretty and go well with the beach aesthetic. Depending on the color palette of your clothes, you may pick neutral or black and white sandals that you can wear for lunch or even brunch. A pair of stilettos, because there has to be at least one wild night! And the most comfortable shoes or sneakers if there’s a hiking plan in the itinerary. These four essential pairs will have you set for the whole trip. You may take out the stilettos if they are not fitting your plans or even the travel sneakers. But flat slip-ons and medium heel sandals are perfect for your beach vacation. You can go through our varied styles for the best comfortable shoes on!

Snow Staycation: Warm, cozy, and all icy beauty, snow vacays are surreal with lovely little snowflake showering around. This weather of course calls for comfortable boots with a good grip bottom. Rag & Co boots have a range of different designs, styles, and colors that is sure to match all your outfits. We would suggest you take an ankle length and a calf length boot for more options and depending on your travel destinations. Ankle length are perfect for a stroll around while calf length are perfect for mountain hikes and ski outings.

City Sightseeing Vacation: Touristy places call for a lot of walking and strolls around the beautiful city that you are stepping into. Shopping and sightseeing can be very straining to your feet, which is why comfortable slip-ons and sandals would be the best. Even sneaker are good travel shoes that will keep your comfortable. If you are looking for some best walking sandals for walking, head onto

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