Leather Based Luxury Industry Needs Rejig: From Concept to Consumer

Let’s know that one of the most versatile thing used in the fashion luxury space is leather – from the ways it is chemically and mechanically treated to give various effect, textures and aesthetics to suit various types of products and deliver utility. However, from procurement to processing leather leaves great amount of carbon print and is brutally against sustainability and the environment we live in today.

So, where does the solution lie? It surely does in better planning, management and forecasting of trends, merchandise and growth of demand. Luxury means and triggers many things to brand and people – of great aspirational value to some and for some, a way of life. Whatever it may, it is surely a need of the moment to not only create an agile supply chain but also sync the latest projection of demands with design and development teams, sourcing channels and procurement analysts. With pin point precision targeted we can not only leverage best profits but also minimalize wastages and save overheads. Leather based Industry definitely needs rejig and overhaul and it has to happen at organizational levels for it is call of the hour – let’s streamline the business of fashion, let our stories be conveyed with people and let us walk the talk of everything around ‘ethical and green fashion’.

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