A Sneak Peek Into’s Rag & Co’s Most Trending Loafers

A Sneak Peek Into’s Rag & Co’s Most Trending Loafers

Calling all loafer lovers, trendsetters, and shoe enthusiasts!

These aren't your grandpa's loafers (unless your grandpa was a total rockstar, in which case, major props). We're talking exclusive loafers that speak louder than a strong espresso!

Forget boring, old-school loafers. Rag & Co's latest styles are shaking things up with bold colors, unique embellishments, and unexpected heel heights that will turn your everyday loafer into signature loafers.

When you think Rag & Co's latest styles, we want you to think of platform designer loafers that add an inch (or two) of fierce to your cutting-edge loafer fashion game. Or chunky loafers that give your workday wardrobe a downtown edge. We're talking tassels, buckles, and metallic finishes that scream, "Look at me!" with fashion-forward designs.

So, buckle up (or should we say, buckle down?) as we take you on a whirlwind tour of Rag & Co's loaferlicious delights. We'll have you ditching the sneakers and reaching for these exclusive loafers, aka comfy-chic bad boys.

Get ready to get a little obsessed. And let's get this sneak peek started!
P.S. Don't forget to wear your comfy socks. Trust us, you'll be doing a lot of happy toe-tapping in these babies.

  1. ECHO

  2. As the leaves begin to change and the air gets crisp, it's time to start thinking about fall fashion. And what better way to transition your wardrobe than with a pair of premium quality footwear - exclusive loafers?

    Crafted from buttery-soft suede, these beauties feel like sinking your toes into a plush autumn leaf. The rich texture screams luxury, while the signature braided strap adds some extra fashion quotient.

    These aren't your regular loafers, but a pair of iconic loafers from the unique slip-on collection, making them Rag & Co's latest styles must haves!

    How to style ECHO suede leather braided loafers in tan?

    Smart casual: Dress up the loafers a bit by pairing them with a skirt or dress pants and a blouse or button-down shirt for work or a casual dinner out.

    Casual: Pair the loafers with jeans or chinos and a T-shirt or sweater for a classic and easy look, perfect for everyday errands or running around town.

  3. MOORE

  4. Calling all trendsetters and fashionistas! Are you ready to ditch the boring and embrace some chic, designer loafers? Then you need a pair of Rag & Co's latest styles — must-have loafers. These aren't your grandma's loafers – they're sleek, stylish, and made with premium quality genuine leather that will have you wanting more colors in Rag & Co's latest styles like white and tan.

    Think business on top and party on the bottom with these versatile must-have loafers that can take you from the office to the dance floor.

    Crafted with precision and passion, these black beauties are more than just shoes—they're a cutting-edge loafer fashion statement. The velvety-smooth, jet-black exterior screams luxury, and light cushion insoles whisper comfort.

    How to style MOORE lead lady loafers in black?

    B&W always: Lean into the classics with a black and white outfit. Pair the loafers with a crisp white button-down shirt, black cigarette pants, and a sleek black blazer. Add a pop of color with a statement necklace or bag.

    Denim on denim: Go for a relaxed yet stylish look with a denim jacket and jeans. Choose different washes of denim for added visual interest. A white T-shirt and a chunky gold necklace complete the ensemble.

  5. RICKA

  6. The pièce de résistance – the chain embellishment. It's not just an accent; it's Rag & Co's latest styles that have fashion-forward designs, ready to rule your closet wardrobe.

    The metallic accents add extra luxury, while the color lime ensures that the footwear game is strong no matter where you go or how you style these exclusive loafers.

    Comfort? Absolutely! Slip into these loafers, and you'll feel you're not putting on shoes but feeling the best at your feet. The unique slip-on collection with light cushion insoles will make you want more each day.

    Whether you're hitting the town, have a meet to attend, or unleash your inner party animal, these lime chain embellished iconic loafers are your best bet. Be bold, be bright, and let your feet talk – in Rag & Co style!

    How to style RICKA chain embellished loafers in lime?

    Stripes: Channel nautical vibes with a navy and white striped top or dress. You can also go for a more playful look with a bold, colorful striped skirt or pants.

    Leather: Add some edge to your outfit by pairing the loafers with a leather skirt or pants. A black leather skirt would create a chic and edgy look, while a brown leather skirt would be more relaxed and boho.


  8. Rebel yell for your feet with these rock 'n' roll cutting-edge loafer fashion piece. The deep burgundy hue exudes class, while the studs bring the party – think of business meeting after-party.

    All you have to do is dare to be different as you slip into these bad boys. Each stud refines luxury, turning this classic loafer into a pair of must-have loafers. Plus, the color burgundy? It's rich, bold, and ready to stand out at soirée. Conquer the boardroom or own the dance floor with comfort and style combined.

    How to style EMILIA burgundy patent stud penny loafers?

    Little Black Dress: Elevate your LBD with the classic penny loafer style. Choose a dress with a clean silhouette and interesting details, like ruching or a statement neckline. Finish the look with opaque tights and a bold red lip.

    Midi Skirt: Pair the loafers with a flowy midi skirt in a contrasting color, like cream or beige. Add a chunky knit sweater for a cozy touch.


  10. Giddy up, fashion mavens! Saddle up for a wild ride into style with our horse-bit off-white signature loafers – the chicest steeds in the shoe stable!

    Get ready to immerse yourself in the creamy off-white color, a shade so luxe that pairing it with virtually any outfit becomes easier by the day! The horse-bit detailing adds drama, while the light cushion insoles help with some extra comfort throughout the day and night. Picture yourself commanding attention like a fashion jockey, effortlessly weaving through the crowds in these show-stopping loafers.

    As comfort takes the rein, slide into these beauties, and you will be ready to trot through the office or cantering into a soirée with comfort and class.

    How to style DARETH horse-bit flat heel loafers in off-white?

    Preppy Punk: Channel a modern twist on preppy style by pairing the loafers with a plaid skirt, a white button-down shirt, and a chunky knit sweater. The chains add a touch of edge to the classic preppy look.

    Denim Duo: Keep it casual and cool with a denim jacket and boyfriend jeans. Add a white T-shirt or striped sweater for a laid-back vibe. The chunky loafers will add a touch of polish to the casual denim look.


  12. Rocking the streets with the warmth of tan wrapping your feet seems interesting, right? Wait. Because these tan, chunky iconic loafers are a real vibe - from the lug sole and chunky block heels to the color; you're now ready for virtually all occasions and adventures.

    Slip into these bad boys and experience plush, light cushion insoles that will make you feel like you're walking on a cloud of style and comfort. Dance the night away with your new partners in crime, and don't forget to tag Rag & Co while you slay in them.

    How to style CHEVIOT tan chunky leather loafers?

    Tailored Pants and Blazer: Lean into the sophisticated vibes of the boots by pairing them with tailored black pants and a crisp white blazer. Add a pop of color with a statement blouse or scarf.

    Leather on Leather: Embrace the edgy vibes by pairing the boots with a black leather jacket and moto pants. Add a graphic tee underneath the jacket for a touch of casualness.


  14. Ditch the delicate ballerinas because these loafers are built for action. The chunky soles scream, "I'm not afraid to take on the world," and they'll have you stomping through puddles and conquering streets with grace and comfort.

    These babies come with chains! Not just any chains, mind you, but bold, statement-making chains that say, "I'm here to party." The embellished chunky platform premium-quality footwear, even with the heel height, doesn't compromise on fashion or comfort. You also get beige, pink, and lilac colors in these signature loafers.

    So the next time you think chunky platforms, don't think foot fatigue. These pastel green loafers are surprisingly comfortable, with light cushion insoles and flexible soles that will have you dancing the night away without a single blister.

    How to style CORINNE green chain embellished chunky loafers?

    Black on black: Lean into the bold vibes with an all-black ensemble. Pair the loafers with ripped black jeans, a black leather jacket, and a graphic tee. Add a pop of silver with statement earrings or a chain necklace.

    Floral surprise: For a playful contrast, pair the loafers with a flowy floral dress in a feminine color like pink or lilac. The chunky soles add a cool, unexpected touch to the romantic floral print.

  15. POLA

  16. Meet our limited edition footwear: the very iconic metal chain embellished black loafers. If these bad babies don't scream luxury, we don't know what does! Straight from Rag & Co's latest styles, this premium quality footwear has cult-favorite horse-bit detailing rendered in polished metal, letting you rock them in the sun and moon effortlessly.

    Experience premium craftsmanship with our genuine leather signature loafers that age just like fine wine and have a plush interior for added comfort. We're in love with these must-have loafers, and we bet you'd fall in love with them right away, too. On your way out, treat yourself to the nude color as well in these black designer loafers!

    How to style POLA black leather horsebit loafers?

    Edgy Vibe: Double down on the grunge aesthetic with ripped fishnet tights and a band tee under the plaid coat.

    Feminine Flair: Layer a delicate floral slip dress under the plaid coat for a contrasting mix of textures and styles.

  17. MORGAN

  18. Buckle up as we take you on our cutting-edge loafer fashion game, including some fashion-forward designs that will have you browsing Rag & Co's latest styles for more.

    Crafted for earthly comfort, these exclusive white loafers are designed to give you a comfortable walk while the platform's gentle incline keeps you light on your toes, ready to be worn at any event at all times!

    Versatility? You ask? Well, that's out of this world: These aren't just your average space boots. Dress them down with ripped jeans and a graphic tee for a casual cosmic vibe, or pair them with a flowy maxi dress and statement earrings for a galactic goddess ensemble. Think metallic jewelry, holographic makeup, and maybe even a pair of star-shaped sunglasses.

    How to style MORGAN metallic embellishment leather platform loafers in white?

    Metallic Match: Lean into the metallic trend by pairing the loafers with a dress or skirt in a similar metallic hue, like silver or gold. Keep the rest of the outfit simple with black or white accessories.

    Denim Chic: Dress down the loafers with a denim jacket and jeans for a cool and casual look. Opt for a light wash denim for a summery feel, or go for a dark wash for a more edgy vibe.

  19. MERVA

  20. Lilac lovers, this one's for you! Introducing a pair of must-have loafers for virtually every wardrobe to exist - the chunky chain leather lilac exclusive loafers. With pink being the color of the year (thanks, Barbie), we now bring you one of Rag & Co's hot-selling limited-edition footwear.

    The soothing to eyes lilac color is an instant attention grabber, while the chunky chain detail adds drama and lots of drama to these exclusive loafers. Slip into these iconic lilac loafers, but if you get distracted by off-white and black color options, don't blame us!

    How to style MERVA chunky chain leather loafers in lilac?

    Comfy Chic: Pair the boots with a cozy knit dress or leggings and a chunky sweater for a comfy yet stylish look. The chains add a touch of edge to the cozy ensemble.

    Black on Black: Lean into the edgy vibes with an all-black ensemble. Pair the boots with ripped black jeans, a black leather jacket, and a graphic tee. Add a pop of silver with statement earrings or a chain necklace.

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