5 Features You Should Look Before Buying Shoe!

True that we love to have stylish pair of booties and 6 inch high stilettos in our collection. But, when it comes to practical shoes, we must have look at certain features that are basic, yet not so basic as many brands compromise with it. Reason: Cost cutting and profiteering. Result? Lack of comfort, shoe bites and acute pain resulting from long wear also rashes on sole. We bring to you a list of 5 important details you should not be missing at all when you invest in a shoe. AND remember: a good shoes invested is worth three combined – for you will often find yourself wearing it for most of the time and will be coming back again to the same brand to check more!

  1. Materials Used: If you are ‘investing’ in a shoe and going for quality materials and trims – we think genuine leather, natural fabrics like cotton and jute, wooden clogs are something which are not only naturally fitting for the skin but also suits environment around us. Look for genuine leather working sandals and shoes – they keep feet smell free, are breathable and allow you to stay comfortable all day long!
  2. Sole: The outer sole must be anti-slip and with really good grip. While we look for working shoes – we must know we are often walking on marble surfaces and cemented floors. The material must be anti-skid and all your attention should be on the work. We want to run to be successful and let nothing stop us!
  3. Comfort Features: Is the shoe having enough cushioning? Feet become tired after being on toes all day long! Don’t we sometimes feel in middle of an important presentation that it would have been much better in a pair of sneakers? Well, do look for extra cushioning and padding on foot bed and if the shoe promises that, choice is made.
  4. Durability: If we are investing on a pair of elegant branded shoes – we must be convinced of its durability. It should be promised that materials used are of high quality. The handmade and hand stitched shoes are well approved of. Genuine Leather sandals, boots and shoes last longer than synthetic ones and hence, actually prove to be more efficient on pockets in long run.
  5. Looks and Style: Of course, we are not going to compromise on this one. Make balance of classic styles and trendy stuffs which have been around. We recommend a pair of classic workwear sandals along with some really off-beat and elegant mules are something which have been in vogue since quite some time.


We leave you with fantastic Mule collection from The Rag & Co. – Online shopping destination for women’s shoes. 


Mules in genuine suede leather and canvas – handmade and handstitched


100% Cotton Ply Mules with tassels – in bright summer hues!


Mules with details and surface ornamentation

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