10 Interesting Ideas for the Quarantine Time!


Parked into our homes and struggling to get things exciting, are we? Yes. Getting up locked into your home doesn’t mean to run out of things to do and sulk in a corner. We had been doing so (eye rolls) and feel this is a great injustice to this hour. After all, we must keep going and be bright with little dramas that set us chirpy and prepared for good days ahead?

We made a list of things that’s like the bucket list while being quarantined.

  • Binge Watch the Classics:

While we are flooded with the OTT content and shows, how relaxing it would be to just run over through series of Breakfast at Tiffany’s or My Fair Lady? Audrey Hepburn shows us to just be in style, even while you have just your cat to look at –

Did you say ‘unfashionable’ at home?; Still from Breakfast at Tifanny’s, 1961

  • Practice some art:

Maybe you can draw, sing, dance or who knows do all? The perfect time to explore things that are not mundane to everyday life - let’s appreciate small things and find solace in artistic pursuits.

So much to choose: Image credit: https://www.dailycal.org/

  • Build up some skills:

Are you a designer – then learn some new software; a developer – learn some new tools, a technical person – some new technicalities, a teacher – some new ideas. In times of internet, we are never alone. A perfect time to brush up our skills and portfolios.

    Add some skills to the resume; Image Credit: WikiHow

    • Re-design your own space:

    A time to ponder upon what you need and discard. From things in the drawing room to your drawer – let’s recreate. Design some interior ideas, look at some DIYs and get started. A new look of the house definitely enlightens your mood and motivates you to embrace everything that comes up in life.

    Your space builds and reflects your personality; Image Credit: Green Room Design

    • It’s time to get Social:

    Best thing on the list is right here; in times of social distancing, we suggest you to call up that long lost friend, the colleague who you often remember but could not get through, extended family whom you think of sometimes yet never did really speak to – do this bit. You will be pleasantly surprised with the joy you feel; besides, in times like these all we need is each other.

      “Show me the money” – Friends and Family; Still from Jerry Maguire, 1996

      • Plan the next vacay:

      Vacation seems scary for the time-being but it will be definitely not the matter in a year or so and till then you just have to find all money for that! Get to the atlas and the internet to explore the places you would love to see. Meeting people in a post-Corona world will be different, for we all stand together and closer than ever before.

        Plans ready: Eat, Pray, SHOP; Image credit: Yuppee.com

        • Indoor Games and Childhood Pranks:

        Get nostalgic and relive the magic of early days, be little carefree just as a little child, de-stress and enjoy life in its rawest detail. Play some indoor games, enjoy making and relishing some home-made snacks, disconnect from internet for few days and plan organically all things you do.

        Take Life as it comes; Image Credit: Harvard Health, Harvard University

        • Explore greater job opportunities:

        Analyse your skills, feedbacks and potential. Analyse what it seems to hold in the portfolio. Challenging times tell us all about our weaknesses – are you finding it tough financially? Or the job no longer motivates you? It’s time to not only polish the skill sets but also explore how to overcome the disabilities and drawbacks.

        It’s never too late to correct, it’s never too late to start afresh; Image Credit: The Balance Careers

        • Focus on health:

        Eat, Exercise and Keep it Fit – If your body is going good, you are all set, not only for challenges ahead but for the fruits of your success. Only a happy and cheerful mind can enjoy the best of life and enjoy it to the fullest. Learn yoga, do some breathing exercises, keep a track of food you eat and enjoy everyday chores.

        Prep Up with the body all fit and strong; Image credit: Statusmind.com

        • Make your Wish-list:

        Of all things that you would like to do post lockdown. Constraint generates imagination and imagination generates ideas – make a wish list of travel, of fun, of meeting up the lost buddy you spoke to during lockdown and of course, the shopping list.
        While you think of above all we just shared, we leave you with request to keep indoors and keep it up - we are in this together.

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