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INCA Tan Fine Suede Leather Clogs

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Your Guide to Rag and Co's Fall-Winter Collection Nirvana!

As the leaves change to reds, oranges, and yellows, and the air turns crisper, you know the chilly season is here! With "winter is coming," we thought, what better time than now to change your wardrobe look and feel with a wide assortment of winter boots and fall boots?


With the weather getting colder, you may, unfortunately, have to let go of some of your loafers or flats for the time being. Yes, they may be cute, but will they keep you warm enough? If in doubt, well, well…here's some news for you. Like most of you guys, fall/winter is definitely our season for fashion, too. So we bring to you Rag and Co, the one-stop destination for all things comfy, chic, warm, and cozy — from party boots, black boots, red boots, brown boots, tan boots, ankle boots, to long boots! Because being tucked in cozy sweaters, toasty beanies, and warm leather boots for winter is a need!

To hop on the winter fashion bandwagon, here are some winter boots and fall boots trends to watch out for this holiday season and for many more to come.

1. Knee-high boots for the win!

Looking for extra coverage this fall? Snag some exquisitely premium, affordable, and warm knee-high boots from Rag and Co's fall/winter collection to stand out with your strong boot game. Our tan boots, brown boots, black boots and all winter boots for women come in knee-high styles that can perfectly complement your winter outfit — from a midi dress to a long ribbed skirt for a modest look. They will keep you warm, stylish and covered enough for a completely modest winter outfit.

Our outfit picks for knee-high heeled boots are ribbed bodycon dresses, jumpers and coats for a winter date night or outing to the city. And chunky knee-high boots, which are back in trend this year, are perfect for casual winter outfits like rib knit leggings and sweatshirts!

2. Ankle boots for a smart, casual winter look!

At Rag and Co, we have a wide assortment of ankle boots that are about to be your best fall bootinvestments. Find everything from — chunky ankle boots to Chelsea boots in various premium materials like velvet, suede, genuine leather, and all those textures, prints, and colors you've been eyeing this winter. To leave a lasting fashion impression with a smart and casual look, watch out for this space for Chelsea boots that have been trending for a few winters now. And, of course, for all the right reasons! For the days when you want to opt for a laid-back outfit for a cozy WFH, combat leather boots for winter have been our forever go-to. Opt for at least two different styles of ankle boots to switch according to your mood and aesthetic of the chilly day!

3. Get event-ready with party boots

Looking for a pair of warm and stylish enough boots for winter to dance the night away or have a winter wedding to attend? Well, Rag and Co's winter/fall collection is here to tick all the boxes. Get ready to dazzle at every party you walk into with our exquisite party boots — from vibrant, bold red boots to classic black boots. With intricate detailing and premium materials, these boots will make you feel like you own the dance floor and raise the temperatures in the winter. Thank God for that!Curl up in warmth with winter boots.

When the temperature drops, you know it's time to grab some reliable and toasty enough bootswithout, of course, compromising on fashion! Rag and Co presents a meticulously crafted range of winter boots for women in styles like — calf-length boots, ankle boots, knee-high boots, thigh-high boots, and mule sandals to your favorite snow boots! Our winter boots for females are designed to blend seamlessly with any contrasting, bold, neutral outfit, whether a WFH or a quick work meet. Designed for superior comfort, we literally have the best winter boots to suit most silhouettes, preferences, color palettes, and weather.

4. Get the temperatures soaring high with little black boots

Black boots are those bad boys that can heat the fashion up as the temperature drops! Like just picture yourself dressed in reds, browns, beiges, whites, or even monochromatic outfits, and a pair of black snow boots for women instantly completing your outfit. Interesting, right? Well, the forever winter trend of having black fall boots or black winter boots for women is ruling the winter charts this year as well. We at Rag and Co cannot resist but offer some bomb-shell winter ladies' boots for you to look and feel snug and stylish all season long.

5. Embrace the classics — tan boots and brown boots

Fan of the '90s retro fashion? Bring it back with Rag and Co.When you want your boots to speak for themselves in the winter, consider investing in statement earthy tones like browns and tans. Tan-colored winter and snow boots sit well with the red and brown leaves during the fall. They can make (and not break) an outfit with their simplicity, minimalism, and neural color tone. Tan boots are the best snow boots for women, as you don't need to go out of your way to compliment a fit with them. Instead, you can wear just any warm outerwear and be assured that these tan fall boots will complement them.

DSW Styles: What is the fuss about?

When it comes to shoe shopping, DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) stands as a pioneer for all things fun, fancy, and fashion. With a vast selection catering to every taste and occasion, DSW has been a paradise for footwear enthusiasts worldwide. Let's find out what DSW has to offer this winter. Some of the best winter snow boots for women, or is it more than you know?

Explore the exquisite collection of Rag and Co at DSW, one of our esteemed retail partners, where luxury and affordability are intertwined into our footwear styles. With several happy customer testimonials —from customers, influencers, and footwear enthusiasts to fashion editors worldwide, you know you’re in for a treat with us. With the right fit, comforting experience, and a myriad of styles to choose from, our customers are truly impressed to have found the right winter-ready fashion partner with Rag and Co.

Check what our customers have to say:

DSW is always on the lookout to host some of the best seasonal styles and adapt to the best fashion trends. This time, too, the marketplace is well ahead of the curve and hosts some of the best DSW styles by Rag and Co that are about to grace your shoe shelves for good. Don't believe us? Well, find Rag and Co. on Designer Shoe Warehouse and discover some of the best winter boots, snowshoe boots, black winter boots, party boots, red boots, brown boots, tan boots, and virtually most of these winter snow boots are on sale!

Fall/Winter Fashion Checklist To Look Out For!

1. Begin by checking DSW - a fashion haven out!

Of course, DSW styles go much beyond footwear. And we at Rag and Co cannot stress this enough: you can find all kinds of winter outwear and winter boots for women at this shopping nirvana.

2. Snag some super classic boots for all-season warmth

Who said winters are only about sipping on some hot cocoa and snuggling up on your sofa? For us, winters are about the right clothing, boots, and accessories while you're enjoying some hot chocolate. Put your best foot forward this chilly season by investing in some classy staple snow boots for winter:

  ● Red boots
  ● Ankle boots
  ● Fall boots
  ● Knee-high boots
  ● Winter boots for females
  ● Black winter boots
  ● Slip-on snow boots

3. Opt for winter hues that speak volumes

With winter here, it's time to bid farewell to the monotony of the weather hues with a burst of colors.Unveil the winter hues with Rag and Co. to get started with neutrals, earthy tones, rich burgundies, and icy blues to mirror the season's essence.

4. Accessories that compliment winter and snow boots

Of course, no outfit is complete without the right accessories. Dive into the world of scarves, gloves, handbags, and statement jewelry and ensure they complement your winter shoes, fall boots, and virtually any winter shoe you choose for the day.