Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

Oh, the classic human struggle of knowing people who are getting married and the bigger dilemma of what to wear to their wedding. No matter how close you are to the bride or groom, we got your back. We have curated a collection of various styles that you can experiment with. None of these are hard and fast rules but they can help you narrow down your options and look appropriate at the wedding. A common phenomenon on the internet these days is the “Red Wine Spillers” at weddings. They are simply considered to be the superheroes of the wedding where they willing and subtly spill wine on the wedding guests who wear white, eggshell or ecru to the wedding. While doing research for this article, we found that it’s super easy to avoid any light colours that are even remotely connected to white.

Option 1: Classy Pastels

Kinda like what comes to people’s minds when they think about semi-formal wedding guest attire. It’s classic, it has the 1950s Dior silhouette with modern additions of rhinestone straps and a more fitted waist. It’s plain enough to be subtle and the satin fabric adds a sheen that can only be worn to important and formal events. We’ve paired it here with Rag N Co’s unique minimalist satin pumps with a metallic stiletto heel. The pumps complement the dress but do not outshine it, just as the wedding guest outfit should complement the wedding without surpassing the couple.

Option 2: 90s Minimalism

If you're a millennial who still has their 90s minimalist or grunge-core prom dresses in their parents’ attic it may be the best time to repurpose them as formal wedding guest attires. Or if you are Gen Z, time to invade your parent's old dresses. You’re bound to something that can be DIYed into a minimalist dress. Thrift stores are also an excellent spot to hit before you go online looking for repurposed and overpriced cocktail dresses. These are easier to work with because of their simplicity. You could also buy a sheer black tulle fabric to recycle your old dresses to match the 90s grunge dress aesthetic! We like to pair ours in the typical 2000s sense with black platform heels. Shops yours at Rag N Co!

Option 3: Cottagecore!

I know we said earlier that you can avoid white, but how can you avoid beige if the wedding is at the beach? You can actually, if it has massive floral accents that mute out the beige! We also suggest you try out browns over beige since they look stunning during a sunset wedding and the reception later at night. Try out midi-length floral dresses for beach weddings!

Option 4: Colourful Mania!

As we mentioned before, pastels, beiges or even eggshells are not the only colours suitable for a wedding environment. As a guest, you are free to choose any colour of the spectrum as long as it is not white. Cobalt blue has been making its pre-viral trends over the internet, we see the blue making a strong impression as Sage did two seasons ago. Hope on the wagon with some contrasting woody brown heels that perfectly contrast the blue, leaving you with an elegant and colourful outfit for the wedding!

Option 5: Gothcore

Some weddings have themes, sometimes you need to find outfits that reflect your aesthetic. Regardless of your intention to dress goth for a wedding, it’s always a good idea to experiment with alternative fashion or include elements of personal style in your outfits.

Option 6: Vintage Barbie

As vintage trends and styles seep back into our lives, some of them are unique and charming enough to keep around even after the wave of popularity has passed. At summer weddings there’s no such need to stand out. That is where you hide your anecdotes of style on solid-coloured dresses. Like the one below, is a fairly simple dress that only stands out because of its 1940s-style puff sleeves and modest maxi hemline.

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