Summer Neutrals, The Right Footwear For The Season!

Summer Neutrals, The Right Footwear For The Season!

Neutrals palette has the quality of being a safe option and also has the ability to pull out the most elegant looks when in doubt. While every woman in this world must be owning a pair of black shoes, the nudes are no less significant – the neutrals are in fact, undervalued! Neutrals in footwear are versatile and can be worn day or night and look chic. While many think the shade is boring, the silhouette and design can change the whole game of footwear. Remember, footwear is not basic, they are essential. This is why Rag & Co brings you an array of nude footwear this summer season, which you just can’t resist! Versatile and eccentric, the designs are luxurious and handcrafted beautifully.

When you want to experiment but still keep it casual, these flatforms are an upgraded version of white shoes! Chunky and minimal, the slip ons are cool, chic, and easy to wear. The nude flatforms have a semi gloss finishing and are fashionable and trendy. The versatility of the shoes lets them complement almost any casual outfit. This one is for the people who lean towards a minimal yet splendorous feel.

Quilted footwear is the trend right now that people just can’t get enough of. The best part about this footwear is the quilted texture even on the heels, makes the shoes stand out. The sandals are slip ons which makes them ebay to wear and are versatile with a pale neutral shade that is stunning. These would go well with a summer dress or with trousers and a blouse too!

These clogs are a must-have this summer season! The wooden clogs are absolutely stunning with the visual texture of the wood. The contrasting darker brown neutral of the straps elevates and adds intrigue to the sandals as a whole. The ankle straps are adjustable making sure your ankles are encased beautifully. The warm tone and sheer natural essence of the wooden is very summery and hard to resist!

These high heel ankle boots with a concave cut is elegant yet subtly sexy. The neutral pink is flirty and chic, a lovely color for summer wear. The best part is you can style these high heel boots with formal and casual wear, both. The zipper makes it easy to wear and the heels are sexy! Paired with a maxi dress or short skirt, you’re ready for a romantic date!

Fashionable yet serious, the minimal design of the fringes elevates the design with some sharpness. The overall look of the mules is quite ideal for your formal wardrobe. The comfortable shoes are handmade and are chic and simply beautiful, perfect for daily wear to the office.

The handmade mules are all things elegant with the intricate embroidery done so beautifully and the tie up detail to encase your ankle is just stunning. Pair these with a white or off-white outfit, and it’ll make a gorgeous ensemble. These are perfect for a wedding or fancy outing when you want to make an impression but also be comfortable.

Crochet has made a comeback this season and it’s absolutely beautiful to see. Here, in these mules, handcrafted to beauty with tassels, the crochet fits right in with a summer vibe. The color is mellow but still distinctive. A great choice for when you want to amp up an outfit like a black or white jumpsuit or a maxi dress.

Sexy, slender, and sleek, these peep toe pumps are absolutely chic and sure to make a statement in a room. The caramel color is yummy like candy and ideal for the summer season. The stilettos give you an oomph with their height, and the peep toe is an interesting element. The shoes are versatile and would look beautiful on almost any outfit.

This one is for the people who are always in their shoes zone. Sneakers are a go-to when in doubt. Their versatility makes it easy to pair them with varied outfits like summer dresses, skirts, jeans, and even trousers. A must-have, indeed!

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