Flatforms To Transform Your Footwear Game

Flatforms To Transform Your Footwear Game

This era of fashion is on two opposite polls, where one is about maximalism and extravagance of the Y2K resurgence, while the other is about simplicity, comfort and minimalism. Both spectrums come from the same path of the post-pandemic effect where some are going all-out with their curbed wild and free side, whereas some have accepted and rejoice in the comfortable simplicity and minimalist lifestyle and choices we all leaned towards the pandemic period. Which is why we see so many trends, one of them being platform heels.

We have all seen the Versace Medusa heels that the celebrities just cannot get enough of and every other designer and brand has hopped onto as well. Now, it did not end with just platform high heels, but we see another comfortable variant - flatforms - which has also taken over the fashion field. The comfortable chunky soles flats look chic and cozy, and are also quite versatile which makes them easy to style with. The added elevation without any strain to your feet is also a plus point which makes them a dream package.

Now, the best part is that flatform sandals come in a variety of their own, we see gladiator flatforms, flatform shoes, flatform thong sandals, flatform boots, and many more such styles to match different aesthetics. And Rag & Co offers many of these designs for you. So, read on for some insight on our array of flatform sandals variety and how to style them.

The minimalist slip-on flatform sandals are simple but chic and stylish. The sliders are perfect for a casual outing but would also pair well for some fancy outings such as dates, family outings, backyard barbecue parties. The comfort from the cushion insole is soft and gentle on your feet. The flatforms have a sense of luxury as they are made with premium quality material and look elegant on the feet. You can pair these with a lovely black and white polka dress or top and some trousers, depending on your style. Actually, any black and white print clothing would surely look fashionable paired with these beauties.

These are the epitome of minimalist street style fashion, casual, cosy, and fashionable. You can never go wrong with a good thong sandal. And these flatform sandals are a must-have, indeed. A level up on the casual thong slip on sandals, these are super comfortable and rich with genuine leather upper material and the molded insole encases your feet perfectly while the cushion innersole offers comfort. These flatform sandals can be paired with literally any outfit, and would be ideal paired with beautiful summer dresses and skirts. They would be flattering with bright colors or even neutrals and basics.

The gladiator sandals are grunge but still look luxurious and are quite vogue when paired right. The ankle length is just at the right level to be simple but also make a statement with the multiple strap aesthetic. These are perfect for a vacation look and would pair beautifully with mini dresses, shorts, and mni skirts. These are also perfect add a subtle elevation to a basic, minimal outfit. The black flatform sandals are sure to bake a distinctive impression and set you apart in a crowd.

The amalgamation of two trends is nothing short of beautiful, the strap up strings and flatform sandals are eccentric and quirky with the element of luxurious and premium sense with the usage of high quality material. The contrasting color blocking also adds intrigue to the visual aesthetic and cuts the monotony. You can pair these with some distressed shorts and graphic t-shirt for a casual street style look, or pair it with a black mini dress so that the sandals can have their moment.

The slip on flatforms are absolutely stunning in all their glory. The lace up detail and the addition of the buckle strap looks casual but rich and elegant. They are subtly bold and look extremely luxurious. These would pair beautifully with trousers and would also work great as work wear where you can amp up the monotonous formal clothing, still look minimal but chic and stylish. These pair beautifully with coord sets and even fitted bodycon dresses.

These are perfect if you are over the traditional thong sandals. The cut-out adds a fun and subtly sexy element but still look classy and chic. These are the perfect pair to style with socks which is the new trend taking the internet by a storm. You could try color blocking, prints, and many other designs as they will pair well with the minimalist design of the flatform sandals. These can be paired with almost everything and still look chic, stylish, and luxurious. A versatile piece which is a must-have in your shoedrobe.

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