Bright and Better: Shoe Edition

Bright and Better: Shoe Edition

‘Let your light shine so brightly that others can see their way out of the dark’, and Rag & Co is here to help you do just that with the latest and perfect collection of neon-bright shoes. With this brilliant and attractive footwear, watch each and every look of yours transform from inconsequential to influential. These beauties will definitely be on every fashionista’s wish list.

1. Rag & Co’s Neon (Semi) Closed-Toe Flats

The saying goes: ‘keep your mind open and your mouth shut’. But we’re here to say to, instead, keep your shoes closed, or at least semi. The closed-toe, neon-sandals is a big hit in the fashion realm. No matter the occasion, these bold and bright babies have got you covered (quite literally). Whether you’re the boss in the office or not, you can definitely be boss on the streets with the Oriana Blue Slingback Flat Sandals; whether you’re the daredevil on the streets or not, you will definitely channel your inner boldness when you wear the Lia Mustard Leather Mules; and whether you’re ready to dirty dance or not, you are definitely in need of the Marla Silver Metallic Leather Mules.

2. Rag & Co’s Neon Opened-Toe Flats

Let’s open it up a little bit, ladies. Glide into your open toe, bold neon sandals and make your fashion statement with these babies. Being flat sandals, they can easily be worn up or down. For instance, thinking of hitting the beach but in a bold way? Just get a pair of the Kelly Blue Flat Sandals and you’re all set. Alternatively, for those casual yet fun day outs, the Leona Snake Print Thong Flat Sandals are the perfect shoes to complement your vibe. And when it comes to shining bright like a diamond during your nights out, simply strap on your Aris Gold Strappy Slip-On Sandal and you’ll turn heads, rest assured.

3. Rag & Co’s Neon High Heels

Make your heart skip a beat with this elegant piece of footwear: neon pumps. It remains undisputed that high heels are the single most desired, confidence-boosting and dashing pair of shoes a girl could ask for. As such, Rag & Co brings to you the merger of your two favourite things: shine and stilettos.

Complying with the sequence of the colour spectrum, these pumps are available in all different styles and materials. Starting from the bottom, make your mark in the world with these Nella Fuchsia Stacked Heel Leather Sandal, because there is no way these babies are passing without a sight. Get in touch with your more chic and girly side when you strap on the pink Mille Feux Suede Slip-on Block Heeled Sandal. As you go further into your journey, get brighter with the colours and rock the Amelia Mustard Minimalist Block Heel Sandal. Quickly make a pitstop to meet the Greens, from the Candance Green Block Heel Sandal to the Tasha Turquoise Block Heel Sandal. And now that you’re ready for the Candace Blue Block Heel Sandal, take a look at how far you’ve come – started from the bottom, now we’re here (wink, wink). All these babies are standing evidence of the phrase ‘head over heels’.

With that being said, make sure you add these lambent shoes to your closet and your style quotient. Versatile in every aspect – colour, style, material – Rag & Co’s footwear are definitely shoe-stoppers (sorry, we had to).

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