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Shoes are important—perhaps, the most important item of clothing in a woman’s wardrobe, which is why we compiled this list of essential shoes for women. Besides we say that most women should first start with investing in a few quality pairs of shoes.

Fellas, it’s time to take inventory of your current shoe collection; what you have, and what you may need.

Of course, it’s up for debate, and every style blogger has a similar list with some variation. As with any list of must-haves, it comes down to your age, lifestyle, or personal preference.

So, let’s get to it. Here are what we believe are the essential stylish shoes that you should have in your shoe collection.

Say it on Heels

Heels are a woman’s best friend! They are the right kind of footwear that can boost your confidence, transform your look, and make heads turn as soon as you enter the room. Heels are perfect for a cocktail party, wedding reception, or any formal event for that matter. Heels are always a good choice! Heels are a preferred type to wear with a short dress, long dress, and even a midi dress.

The only question is: which ones are best for you? When it comes to heels, the shopping aisles are broader than one might think.

Always comfortable Sandals

These will give your outfit a more casual and formal look. It may seem strange to say that open-toes are the latest fashion trend, but sandals are no longer only for people going camping.

Sandals are super comfortable shoes. Why pack multiple pairs of shoes when one pair of lightweight sandals will do? Sandals are practical, yes, but they’re also stylish and comfortable. So, it’s time for you to get yourself a pair!

Its Time for Clogs

Clogs have a long history. Clogs were first used for dance because of the distinctive sound they made. So, you can thank clogs for tap dancing lessons! With that being said, they are more than a pair of work shoes. They’re a fashion statement. Modern clogs borrow traditional aspects of the original clogs, whether it’s a wooden sole, the shape, or the fit. They may have cloth or leather uppers or possibly even be an entirely man-made version. Wherever clogs came from, we’re happy they’re still around and more popular than ever.

This is seriously the most all-purpose type of shoe you can own. You can wear them with skinny jeans and a casual tee or sweater, you can wear them with a dress, and you can wear skinny black pants and a drapey top. Also, you know those flared-leg jeans that are newly back in style? Well, a pair of clogs are the perfect footwear for them!

Elegant and sassy Mules

Want to style your outfit with the ultimate fashionable footwear of the moment? Then go with mules! A slide-on closed-toe shoe may look a bit more casual, but it depends on the specific shoe style and dress that you’re pairing it with.

If you're thinking the word 'mule' and old-fashioned connotations are coming to your mind, stop right there! The modern mules are ultra-stylish and look more like a pair of sandals from the front, with an open back. A colorful pair of mules is quite versatile and can be worn with just about anything to add the perfect pop of color. Mules make your legs look amazing. It's among the best footwear for your outfit.

Always awesome Boots -

Your closet is incomplete without a pair of boots. Perfect for chilly days, boots look great over skinny jeans. Since wide-leg jeans are so in trend, you can tuck them under boots. Great for Fall, Spring, or even Winter months, you cannot go wrong with an ankle boot paired with any dress. You'll love some mid-heel ankle boots with zippers.

However, you can also have fun with Chelsea boots or ankle-length boot styles, depending on your taste. It’s your choice whether you want to wear a pair of chunky high or low-heeled ankle boots or black block heel leather boots. Give a new life to your dresses by teaming with metallic leather boots.

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