Why Women Love Loafers and Ballerinas

Why Women Love Loafers and Ballerinas

2023 is all about taking it up a notch and making a way for vogue. The era is all about embracing your core and comfort levels, including uncomfortable ensembles if that’s what you're comfortable with. The expression of your authentic ore is appreciated and applauded. There are also a lot of tributes made to old classic shoes that just can’t be beaten and amongst them are loafers and ballerinas.

Ballet flats had been sneaking up on us all through 2022 and are now a major stan this year, even making a lot of appearances on the runways with their suave! Loafers have been largely incorporated by the masses in their fits, be it work wear or otherwise with the trendy chunky loafers aesthetic being popularly indulged in. The aesthetic of the footwear is all about being comfortable yet looking fashionable in all its glory. It’s also fascinating to see the elevation of these classics and their fusion version with a touch of trendy which makes them stand apart and adds intrigue to their character. For example, it was a treat to see JW Anderson’s take on ballerinas with sublime art that were simply lovely, and many other brands and designers using varied fabrics and construction to put forth a vast and alluring array of ballerina shoes! And let's not forget how Prada brought the A game to the table with their bold and beautiful chunky loafers that still leave us all in awe every time we think of them.

So, here are some of our trendy and chic footwear that are a must-have for this season for you to put your best foot forward, quite literally.

Taking our loafers to all new heights, the chunky wedge loafers are nothing short of spectacular! The chunky trend has no limits in our opinion and the loafers scream “all hail” to the great elevated piece of beauty that these trendy shoes are. You can pair these with trousers, jeans, skirts, and even dresses. They would surely make an intriguing outfit and definitely turn some heads whilst walking into a room!

Bring on your bling this season because it’s all about the glitz and glamour. If you take one look at the trends of this season. It’s quite obvious that there’s no such thing as too much sparkle. The state of mind is bold, bright, and shine, and we’re all the way stan for the trend. The ballerina shoes are simply stunning with the diamante embellished strap which is just that extra touch of drama glam that we absolutely are flats over heels in!

We love ourselves some loafers that are chunky, and chic, and make a slay moment that has everyone’s jaws on the floor. The lug soles look extremely stylish and the horsebit embellishment is an interesting and classic touch that elevates the visual aesthetic of the leather shoes. Made with high quality material, the chunky loafers look luxurious and make a bold statement.

The mesh ballerinas are like an ode to bohemian chic fashion and are the summer shoes you definitely need in your shoedrobe. The subtle shiny bow element gives them an elevated look which is intriguing and fashionable. The ballerinas are all about that beachside brunch paired with a gorgeous summer dress and pina colada! A summer dream the ballet shoes are simply lovely and quite versatile which makes them a treat to style!

Come over to the wild side, it’s a glorious place to be right now! With prints taking over this year, we are obsessed with the classics. And what better than some leopard prints to begging this suave safari this era is taking us on! The loafers look sophisticated yet have an underlying sense of fun which makes them a fun pair to have. They also make interesting transition shoes which gives them that versatility factor that we all love! A must-have in our opinion, the classic shoes won’t ever disappoint you in the style department.

Bows are back in vogue, and we’re taking a bow for their moment. Bows are a feminine element that looks chic and elegant, and here on these ballet shoes, it’s the accent that upgrades the classic shoes’ aesthetics. We all love a good versatile piece that can be our go-to, especially for daily wear and casual outings. These ballet flats are perfect for a low key yet chic impression that would complement well casual clothing fits.

And there you have some lovely, chic, and comfortable pairs of footwear that would look sophisticated and elegant on all your fits. For more high quality shoes, head to Rag & Co to amplify your wardrobe with luxe footwear.

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