The French Chic Essentials

The French Chic Essentials

The French chic style of clothing is generally considered to be one of the most prominent dressing styles on the internet. With a range of variations and personal takes on the style, what remains attractive about the French aesthetic has to do with its simplicity. It’s a versatile look that offers a safety net and a solid base for dressing yourself. Every luxury fashion house comes up with its variations of the french essentials, with miu miu’s classic shirts and ballet flats to Gucci’s mules that have since become a staple in the french style. The french essentials generally consist of basics that people usually have in their wardrobe or should have. The idea is to appear put together with minimal effort because everything in your wardrobe is versatile and complements each other. The key elements of every french look are bold lip or eyeliner, followed by pairing classic wardrobe essentials to suit their lifestyle seamlessly. Thus making the French masters of looking luxurious without trying too hard.

Start with looking for variations in ballet flats, many companies have started adding their own twists to the simple ballet flat. They are also available in a range of different fabrics and materials. A simple detail such as a studded strap or a bow tie detail on the toe can elevate your outfit to make it look better curated and remain comfortable. Ballet flats have been a timeless staple in the world of fashion, not just in France, but all over the globe. From South Asian versions in the form of Jootis to Korean Hanbok flats, these versatile shoes provide the perfect foundation for any outfit. Don't miss out on the opportunity to add a touch of elegance to your ensemble with a classic pair of ballet flats.

An evening out in Paris calls for a very special set of heels, but no one likes to own 10 different pairs of heels only to realize none of them matches their dress. What we have learned from french women is to always own a pair of heels that go with everything and look classy. It is no doubt a pair of black pointed pumps, but our variation of it offers an extra detail with the metallic heel. Placed around your feet and adds extra shine to your evening.

Mary janes have been in and out of fashion for over a century now, but thanks to their edgier revival in the 2020s, the platform mary janes are all over the internet now. These pair of black faux leatherette heels bring their classic structure with a modern twist of a square toe instead of the usual round toe. A square toe or point toe looks more structured as compared to an almond or round toe point. As noticed in the early 1950s, a round toe was preferred as it made women’s feet look softer and smaller. A structured shoe is the identity of a modern woman.

Ballet flats typically also feature round toes and look simple as compared to its new alternatives. For example, these pair of black sandals have the chicness of ballet flats and are more secure with their buckle pin fastening. Structurally they resemble a classic t-strap shoe that was popularised in the 1920s. This pair serves as a perfect alternative dress-up shoe for evenings when you wish to not wear heels.

French women love a good pair of sturdy shoes, loafers provide a good mix of being as comfortable as ballet flats or sneakers while being perfect for professional settings. Matching their black tote bags or cross-body bags made to be stylish and functional. Parisian life is all about leisure and work-life balance. Overworking is not their style, nor is overdressing. The hassle-free and comfortable look can only be tied up with a good pair of loafers, preferably in muted or beige tones.

French language and style have captivated people around the world with their romantic elements. There's something undeniably captivating about watching a French woman gracefully walk the streets of Paris, eating a baguette and wearing her ballerina flats and ankle-length jeans. While ballerina flats are not the only shoes you'll see on French women, they are a timeless staple in their wardrobe. French women like to keep their essentials on rotation, and ballet flats are a great starting point for building your French-inspired wardrobe. Don't miss out on the chance to infuse some effortless Parisian style into your look with a classic pair of shoes from Rag & Co.

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