A friend for life: the slip-on shoe


There is no style of shoe that is more versatile than the slip-on – what we love about them is how easily pairable it is to any outfit or an occasion. Just like a friend, loafers and ballerina flats are also there for you. With that, Rag & Co. wants to help you tighten your friendship with these wonderful shoes. Read along to find out where you place slip-ons in the friendship scale – (1) must friends, (2) trust friends, and (3) rust friends.

#1 Must friends

The slip-on is your favorite pair of shoes – your friendship has gone to the point where this pair barely makes its way back in the shoe rack. Your loafers or ballerina flats are reliable for when you go for picnic in the park or simply for a grocery run. We definitely see eye-to-eye on this – Rag & Co’s loafers and ballerina flats are long-lasting and devoted to make you feel comfortable and look good. 

#2 Trust friends

You loved them when you first bought them, sadly your attention is share amongst other shoes. Nonetheless, you pride in them as part of your solid shoe collection. If one gets damaged, you’ll definitely replace them because they are a staple to any look. Even when trends come and go, the loafer and ballerina flat timelessly serve you with elegance. 

#3 Rust friends

The slip-ons had a phase. You bought a pair of loafers when it was all the rage. You bought a pair of ballerina flats for a work event. But now, they are collecting dust in your shoe rack. You’re glad they are a part of your shoe collection but you’re no longer as fond since your style changed. Do think about switching your heels to loafers, or your slides to ballerina flats once and awhile. When you do, Rag & Co. has got you covered with timeless footwear.

If you’re not already, it’s not too late to get in the loop – never rush out the door undecided on what shoes to wear. Pick up your Rag & Co. loafers and ballerina flats.

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