2022 Top Shoe Trends For Fall/Winter

2022 Top Shoe Trends For Fall/Winter

The first thing to pop into our heads when we hear “Fall” is boots! Can’t deny, we all love a good boot fit! It’s striking, bold, and comfortable of course convenient for the weather! This year though, things have amped up with the pandemic eased down, and people can finally have a good time around. And as we witnessed in the summer, people are wildin’ out this year! And the fall season is no different.

The popular shoes 2022 fall are of course boots, but not just any boots. The winter boot trends are all about elevation with platform heels, clogs, and diamante studded gorgeous booties that we just cannot seem to get enough of. With Rag & Co’s immaculate craftsmanship, the boots are made of high-quality material for a luxurious and comfortable experience. Following are some of our favorite styles with some trendy and classic styles that are sure to level up your shoedrobe this fall!

Clogs are a must-have this season! With a vintage feel, clogs definitely are the fall shoes that need some getting used to. But once you find the right fit that suits your preferences and aesthetic, we believe there is no going back. Our AGUAR style is bold, and chic, and comes in varied colors for you to experiment with. We also have variations for you to choose from, and with the lightly padded innersoles, they are comfortable and strain free.

Chelsea boots can never go out of fashion, they are a classic and ageless style that is a must-have for fall. Its versatility allows it to be paired with almost all outfits beautifully and is a go-to when you are in doubt and are comfortable shoes that fit well. This season though Chelsea boots have gotten an update with a lug sole, and platform heels being added to them which elevates their overall look and makes it fun and chic. MILLER is the perfect level-up if you want to be experimental but still want to take a safe route. It is minimal but still chic and comfy, ideal for casual outings.

The runways’ trends for 2022 have been heavily focused on boots with a taste of the West and we are obsessed, to say the least. The cowboy aesthetic gives a vintage yet classy look that definitely elevates any look. RAYNA still has a minimal look to it, and the lining is impeccable with careful handcraftsmanship. These are a must-have for parties as they are comfortable fall shoes with soft padded insole and look effortlessly stunning.

Fall is always a joy because boots today come in such eccentric styles that it makes styling them fun and look absolutely stunning. Calf boots sure do give an elevation in visual appearance and stand out in the overall look. They look beautiful paired with dresses and skirts and give an oomph to the whole fit. Here, SLEET-SLAY is a gorgeous vintage look red boot that would be the perfect addition to your party shoedrobe. The gold eyelets enhance the overall look and make a distinctive visual appearance. These boots are also a great way to start out with color-block outfits, which is a major trend this fall of 2022.

If you are one for minimalism and find it hard to find pieces that are party wear yet simplistic, these MOLINA boots are meant for you. The holographic effect is absolutely stunning while the stiletto heel gives a sharp look. They are simple but still make a memorable experience with their dazzling effect. These are a must-have as they are versatile, being Chelsea boots, and a timeless style that can be donned for years to come.

The winter boot trends 2022 emphasize all things chunky and thick, and we are loving it! The chunky, lug soles give an amp-up to the look of the footwear and look absolutely stunning. These trendy fall boots MISTRESS have chunky platform heels that look chic and absolutely beautiful. Their neutral shades allow them to be versatile and are sure to elevate any look you pair them with. They also have an ageless style aesthetic to them which makes them a good investment.

This season is all about wildin’ out and these shoes are the epitome of that saying. The loud leopard print is eye-catchy and perfect for when you want to add an accent element to your otherwise minimal or monochromatic outfit. These HELEN boots would pair beautifully with an all-black ensemble, which shows how footwear can literally make or break your outfits. Here, this pair is sure to be a cherry on top, or maybe bottom. Many more styles to add to your shoedrobe, so go on and check out ragnco.com!

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